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2571 days ago

I believe that Weber offers the most reliable, well built and pleasant grills out there. I purchased a Silver A years ago and over the time spent with it I made some conclusions about it's practicality right up to 2012 as we are in now. You do have to replace parts which is common for gas grills but I must admit that sometimes the instructions I received over the phone from the company has caused me some measured grief. There were times when I was shipped incorrect parts to the dismay of my hot dog loving brood. Now I am being told that my only options are to discard the unit or purchase at a significant cost to me another manifold part which in addition as layman sounds complicated to me for an install. I have already purchased a new regulator from Weber at their prompting which is lying in state at a loss in my back room. My questions remain, why did this happen. I do not agree that a half inch bolt for any credible reason should cause me to now go on the market in bad times and purchase another grill for maybe $500 or more. That kind of happenstance should have been visible upon production. The catch 22 is that I probably will buy a cheaper Weber as a replacement. You do not throw the baby out with bath water.Jay Adler Comment

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