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3616 days ago

There's not much to mention about Jeff, Diana, and the staff that hasn't already been said in reviews. In terms of passion and a general desire to please their clients and customers, I think you'd be hard pressed to find any other pet store in this area (or anywhere for that matter) that cares more about what they do, sell, and the services they offer.

I met Jeff several years ago after adopting a terrier/lab mix with severe stomach allergies. Dozens of vet visits and hundreds of dollars later I was back where I started, and my poor door was constantly ill. We tried several different approachs that Jeff recommended, and within a few weeks my dog was back on track, healthy, and we havnen't experienced a food allergy related issue in over 3 years.

The knowledge Jeff and his staff have shared with me has been truly invaluable, and they've earned a customer for life. I take every chance I get to recommend friends and family also visit their shop, and suggest you do to!

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