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3062 days ago

Jeff and his wife are just not your typical store owners...they are fun, they take their time explaining, they care about your pet and most importantly, they offer the BEST line of products around. I would not know what to do without Jeff! Anything a vet advises me to do, I double check with Jeff. He has an answer for it all! And his answers always work! So I call him Saint Jeff!!!:) I moved to Los Angeles for a year and my dog got very sick. I spent thousands on vet bills...but after coming on vacation and picking up just a few products from Paradise Pet (of course, with Jeff's advice), we are back to a happy and healthy dog. So what do you need to improve? Absolutely NOTHING! There is not 1 thing I would change with Paradise Pet. Great job guys!! and keep being passionate about what you do....that's what brings your success!

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