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3841 days ago

I was once a Mazique baby during the 1980's era. This center is still standing strong providing quality education for children and families. I began as a Home-Based child and later entered the center-based setting. I am sure Mazique still holds the excellent quality of services that the staff gave me from prenatal to age 5. Continue to impact the lives of our children and families through providing all that you do: Educational enhancement, parental involvement in the home and in-center, nutritional guidance, family support and advocacy, health services/awareness and so much more that families will benefit from. All rewards is extended to my higher power, my mother for allowing the young-lady that knocked on the door and shared a valuable community resource (Never to be forgotten: Washington, DC Parent Child Center -Ruth E. Rucker, Founder). I am 29 years of age. Employed in the field of Computer Science. Unfortunately, I am not a father personally, however, Mazique---Just stay around!

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