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149 days ago

Mane n' Tale shampoo is one of the best brands. It has been around for a while and has the best conditioner. It does not smell the greatest but it does provide you with a clean and healthy wash. This product is key for trying to grow out your hair.

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150 days ago

I love this shampoo and its conditioner. Some of my family introduced me years ago. I still use it until this day. It leaves the hair so soft and shiny. I recommend it to people all the time. Love Love

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171 days ago

I have used this Mascara, it is thick and the volume is very good. the lashes look thick and beautiful. The mascara lasts long. if you want your eyes to look big and beautiful this mascara would do the job. I am a happy customer for this product.

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1195 days ago

I purchased this mascara during a quick sweep through the drugstore to refill my makeup stock pile. I normally wear drug store makeup, as well as high-end brands when I can afford it, so I've learned to weed out the good from the bad. I always favor Maybelline over any other drugstore brands, and this mascara is definitely one of the better ones. For one, there is a TON of product in the tube. One tube can last you a lifetime (until it expires, of course). Second, as long as you don't intentionally pack loads of product onto your lashes, there are hardly any clumps. The name is promising -- this products as volume, length, and darkens your lashes. I have naturally short, straight lashes, and this mascara (paired with the occasional eyelash curler) makes them pop. This product, being so pigmented, is perfect for blonde or red lashes. I would most definitely recommend it. I wouldn't change much about this product at all. I have hardly any cons or complaints. The price range of this product is definitely affordable as well.

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1215 days ago

i used this product and i mmust say its an excellent one, giving volume to eye lashes yet keeping them light and enhancing their appearance magically that every one definately praise you, it is not very expensive and can be used with an ease ....its very safe and infact nourishes your lashes...

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