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1338 days ago

My Favorite Backpack

I received this backpack four years ago as a gift from my brother before I went to college. This is the best backpack that I have ever owned. I have used other backpacks before however, they were less than satisfactory to wear. I use this backpack every day for college. I highly recommend it to anyone who is on the go everyday. That being said, I would like to personally review this item.


There are many aspects of this product that I like. The first is the pocket size. There are only two pockets on the backpack, however they are more than spacious to carry all of your everyday items. As I mentioned I am in college and I use this everyday. Every morning I pack it full of materials such as my laptop, college textbooks, folders and notebooks. Having said that, the pockets can hold all of the items with ease. Another aspect that I like about the backpack is the foam padding on the front. The “comfortable stitched foam panel” in the front of the backpack lives up to its name. As I stated earlier I pack the backpack full of materials everyday, which weighs around 20 pounds. This can be physically strenuous on your back, yet I have never had any issues with back problems or soreness.


Even though I highly recommend the backpack to anyone on the go, there are a couple of elements to it that need improvements. The first downfall to the backpack are the straps that hang from the side. I personally don’t mind the straps but sometimes I wish they were not there. They are meant to go around the waist to secure the backpack more closely to the user’s back. However, I almost never strap it around my waist, so they just dangle on the side. The other aspects that I dislike are the nylon pockets on the side of the backpack. These pockets are great for holding a water bottle or holding my sunglasses. However, they have tiny holes in the nylon and often when I put smaller items in the pockets they get caught up in the tiny holes.

Final Thoughts

Overall I highly recommend this backpack to anyone on the go or to anyone about to enter college. It is extremely practical and very mobile. It can hold a lot of weight; while at the same time prevents soreness on the back. The only downfall of the backpack is the straps on the side and the side pockets. I have used the backpack for four years now and those things rarely even bother me now. I would give this product five out of five star.

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1354 days ago

Review Icon maujitrip reviewed ,haskhAK in rftdt:

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1770 days ago

I recently purchased the Ruger SR9C because I've been wanting to get a 9mm pistol for a while. I got the stainless steel version. It came with one 10 round mag and one 17 round extended mag.

I love it. It's a very accurate pistol. I am getting 2 to 3 inch groupings around 12 yards. In fact it was dead on out of the box. I didn't have to break out the screwdriver to adjust windage or elevation.

I like it so much that my Glock 23 is going to be relegated as my secondary conceal carry pistol, for several reasons.

First off, the trigger on the SR9C is very smooth. It has more of an organic feel than a clicking mechanical feel, especially at the end of the pull. It almost felt like shooting a 1911. It has a different feel to it, but the relative ease of the trigger pull is incredible.

The grip feels really nice. I have medium sized hands with long fingers, and the slightly thinner grip is perfect. It regards to the thinness, I have to state that the overall width of the pistol is also quite thin at a little over an inch, which helps the comfort factor when carrying.

At a height of 4.6", this pistol is ideal for conceal carry. Carrying pistols with greater height often leaves the possibility of printing (ability to see the concealed pistol's form). The SR9c's height greatly reduces that possibility.

For the Safety Sallies out there, the SR9c comes with a wide array of safety features. There is an external safety, a loaded chamber indicator on top of the slide, and a hammer indicator which can be seen from the back of the slide.

This pistol also comes with an ambidextrous magazine release. If you are left handed, you do NOT need to completely disassemble the pistol to switch the mag release around. It can be accessed from both sides. The same goes for the external safety.

The break down and reassembly of the pistol is not difficult. It's not as easy as a Glock, but it's only slightly more difficult with an extra piece to remove from the frame.

Now, as with just about anything, there are a few minute cons that I found. The external safety is located near the back of the slide. This would probably make it somewhat difficult to very quickly disengage in the event that a self defense usage would be required. The last thing anyone would want would be to fumble with an awkwardly placed safety, especially if life and death was in the balance. I don't use the safety since I'm used to carrying a Glock and I automatically keep my finger off the trigger until I'm ready to fire, but it may be an issue to some.

Another issue I had was the tightness of the gun, notably in the slide stop/release. Tightness in a firearm is usually never a bad thing, since it generally means that it's solidly constructed. However, for the first few dozen times that I racked the slide back with an empty mag, I simply could not easily hit the slide release without putting forth Herculean effort. I have to state that I have relatively strong hands. I play guitar and piano, do fingertip pushups and pull ups and have done gymnastics. Quite a few of my friends tell me that I have an iron grip, yet I had a very difficult time pushing that slide release down. I learned that it wasn't meant to be used as a slide release (it specifically says "slide stop" in the manual, which is a very dumb engineering decision IMO), but rather that it was required to physically pull the slide back (slingshot method) to return the slide forward. After going through a few mags, I was able to comfortably use it as a release, but before that, it would not budge easily.

The last thing I don't like is that dry firing requires the insertion of an empty mag. If you dry fire the pistol without an empty mag, you risk damaging the firing pin. This means that if you plan on dry firing a lot, you'll have to hit the slide release or take out and reinsert the mag every time you dry fire it. It's a bit of a pain.


Overall, the size of the pistol is perfect if one is looking for a comfortable conceal carry weapon. It will take any factory round made in 9mm, from your average FMJ to the +p+ hollow points.

Apart from minor flaws, this pistol handles really well and is very reliable. I did not experience any failures, even during the 300 some round break in period.

If you're looking for a nice, comfortable, compact 9mm that is accurate and reliable, then I recommend the Ruger SR9c.

I give this pistol 9.75/10

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2005 days ago

I have tried many saddle pads for my back with no luck. The first time I tried the half pad I schooled my horse over fences and I couldn't believe how much straighter I was sitting up. Even my coach commented on my position as I usually am always leaning forward or hunched over due to back and hip pain.

I was like WOW, it felt so good after my ride. You have NO idea.
It wasn't just a fluke, every day I ride and school is the same. this pad has been a Godsend to me.
My Horse has also changed shape as he matures. Not enough to warrant getting a new saddle, this EquinLux pad I got fills in the little areas that are needed. Better than the Memory foam pads that are out there (I tried them too).
The First horse show we went to wearing our EquineLux pad. My horse was a superstar. Our first time showing the 3'3" hunters and he was Reserve Champion.
Even his form over the fences was better.

These Pads are also well made. The Material is so very different than others. Great Quality.
How these pads are made is also amazing to me. You can see the pride that has gone into making each one of these pads. Not like the mass produced pads from other countries.
How they have designed the pad and the half pad I just LOVE. Fits so nicely under my saddle.
Other people have tried my pad and were also amazed at how it compared to their MORE expensive pads. They have all ordered one now.

They wash up Great. I have washed my pad quite a few times now and it has not changed one bit.
This pad seems to snuggle up to my saddle. there is NO slipping back or bunching up. Where I put it at the start of my ride is where it is at the end of my ride.

I have been riding and showing for 40 years and in that time I have seen and had quite a few saddle pads. This one is here to stay with me.
The best part of this saddle pad is the company, They are great to deal with. They will custom make you a pad to what you want. More padding added, no problem, They will work with you to get you what you are looking for.

I just want to say, Thank you EquineLux, you have made my everyday riding more enjoyable with less pain.

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2237 days ago

Lunkerhunt Bento Baits are fairly new to the over saturated fishing lure market.

With that said, I will hand it to Lunkerhunt on being able to stand out in such a crowd. These lures are unique and caught the eye of many anglers.

I'll break my review into 2 parts

Bait Appearance:

These minnow style baits have been quoted in a field & stream article of being “the most realistic baitfish imitators on the market.” That said the baits are made with a durable clear plastic which helps bring light to its most unique feature. The holographic core, which glimmers like real fish scales when the light hits it. The details and eyes look great and the available color patterns give you the ability to fish them in all water conditions.

Bait Performance:

The reflectivity is incredible. This minnow has the reflectiveness of a spoon but fished like a soft bait. The slightest twitch/movement really brings the Bento to life. To my surprise I discovered the holographic core is not just for looks. It also adds structure. After a few bites from tempted bass, the bait was a little beaten up, but the fabric core held the plastic together in the way rebar binds concrete.

Using the 3" on a ball head jig, I caught quite a few perch and blue gill.
Dropshotting the 4.5" I was able to reel in a largemouth bass and a few smallmouth bass.

My only gripe is that the clear plastic tends to get foggy with use, but that is common among all baits with clear plastic.

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