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7 days ago

Jeff Dunham is one of the best and rare comedians with his crew "Spark of Sanity". He is a true professional and his act never goes stale. His lips don't move and this is something that is cultivated through the training and testing of a ventriloquist. Peanut is my favorite He keeps Jeff on his toes with his insane comments. While the other puppets are great, Peanut is real and finds a way to relate to the world while driving Jeff crazy. Jeff Dunham is known global for his Act and he always brings his A Game with every performance.

Yes, Jeff and crew are 5-Stars Funny as Hell and great way to forget your bluzies. Just watch, laugh and enjoy!

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33 days ago

He wasn't so tough, just hard headed and ignorant. Great character acting by Caroll O'Connor- satirizing bigots, which seems to be lost on some people nowdays.

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43 days ago

Tough as nails, in real life as well as on screen.

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47 days ago

Yep. That was me. Fridays, first in line at the theater, waiting for the ticket window to open and sell tickets to a new De Niro movie. From Johnny Boy, to Vito, to Travis Bickle, to Michael in "The Deer Hunter", to Jake La Motta, to Rupert Pupkin, to Noodles, to Rodrigo Mendoza, to Al Capone, to Jack Walsh, to James Conway, to Max Cady, to Lorenzo the bus driver, to 'The Creature', to 'Ace' Rothstein. This created the bar that all actors should aspire to. One helluva resumé, eh?

I'm trying to be reasonable and mature, here. I mean, if Leonardo da Vinci's last act in life was the killing and the eating of a baby, would that change the way we perceived all of his accomplishments? Well, perhaps...but not if we reduced the crime to something like robbing a convenience store, or shop-lifting.

Sorry, Bobbie, but when you launched the single most antagonistic, aggressive, confrontational, belligerent, bellicose, pugnacious, truculent, hostile and personal attack on Donald, you ate the baby. Ugly stuff, Rupert.

You confessed to the world that you wanted to punch Donald in the face, but soon realized that was not gonna happen. So, you managed to slip aboard Donald's boat and terrorize him and his family and we got it on tape!


Not such a tough old guy now, eh, Johnny Boy? No more waiting in lines and not another nickle of my money. Imagine this: one of your fans sits down to watch "The Godfather Part II" and with 8 minutes left in the film, this happens:


That's your life, Bobbie. Fuck you....

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60 days ago

He still lives!

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