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1355 days ago

Terry Allison gave our store a check for$7500.00 to order him a truck load of flooring. which was returned for insufficient funds. We have taken it to court but they can't find him.That was 9-21-14 when he was going by TENNESSEE LIQUIDATIONS. He will not pay. He changes business names as often as some people change clothes. I hate to see people who take advantage of others the way Terry Allison is doing. His address, which he tries to hide to avoid legal papers, is 610 KNOB CREEK ROAD, WARTRACE, TN 37183. He not only takes money from customers, he doesn't pay for the flooring he sells. We are located in Pulaski, TN

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1468 days ago

I so wished I had searched online for Music City Motorsports Reviews before doing business with them, we would have seen the bad reviews and run a mile, it would have saved me and my business partner $43,500!

We restore classic cars, we have been doing so for over 30 years, we scour the country for cars with potential to be restored; for us that means the car is in a good condition with very little or no rust and that the Engine is working well. If the Engine is not working well then we cannot pay much, because Engines cost a fortune to rebuild and if you are not careful you will end up with a “moneypit”.

We came across a company called Music City Motorsports, where they were selling a Maserati Merak 1974.

The car looked amazing and the advertisement suggested the same, but like other customers when we took delivery we were to realize that Music City Motorsports write ads to deliverately mislead and downright lie.

The ad said THREE TIMES that the engine was REBUILT, not only was this NOT the case but it would need over $15,000 spent on it just to put it in the advertised state.

The engine not only had problems it did not even have the proper Maserati 3.0L cylinder heads but Citroen SM 2.7L cylinder heads, and after we did a compression test we found out that three valves of the left side were shot!

To even get started on bringing the engine back from the dead, we had to buy two 3.0 Maserati heads.

The ad said the car had been garaged, we tracked down the original owner and he said he told Music City Motorsports it had been left out in the open for 3 years!

The ad said the tires were new, well in 2015 if you can call 1998 tires new then you are lying, for the photos it is amazing what a little boot polish will do! However, the walls of the tires were full of cracks and it would be dangerous to drive on these.

When we made a complaint to Music City Motorsports we got nothing but abuse and Jeff Frazier even made threats if we were to leave a bad review, well we informed him that you can't sue for slander if you tell the truth. Besides we will be suing him!

I am not sure how much space I have here so but I wrote up the full story including pictures of what was advertised and what we got, check it out here

If you are considering buying a car from Music City Motorsports, walk away, they make the cars very shiny and they look amazing but checkout our photos to see what you really get.

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1524 days ago

Terry is dishonest. He installed a whole house of laminate for me, all of which is bulking up. I have tried for a week to contact him and twice he told me he would be here, twice he lied. Now he will not answer his cell or return my text. He is a crook and he needs to be in jail. He told me he was working on a job in Mississippi. What a scam artist. FOR YOUR SAKE STAY AWAY FROM DIRECT FLOORING OUT OF LAVERGN TN.

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1537 days ago

DONT BUY A FOXRIDGE HOME! I give them one star for their sales team and the fake concern demonstrated by Chris, the Project Manager, during the build process. After 30 days though, you can forget about any type of customer service or concern for warranty repairs. These houses are not cheap, but they are BUILT VERY CHEAPLY with sub-par craftsmenship. I have so many problems with this house that my dream home is now a night mare. What's worse, all of my neighbors are experiencing the same kinds of problems. So much so that we will be filing a class action lawsuit. Problems range from cracks in the foundation from one side of the house to the other, stress cracks in upgraded cabinetry, severe grading issues where water puddles between houses with no where to drain, leaking roofs, cracking walls, trim coming apart from the walls, leaking showers causing wood rot and mold, etc.

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1541 days ago

Penterman Professional Care is the only comprehensive, professional personal service company in Middle Tennessee making people’s lives easier by providing help for the whole family. We have developed a wide spectrum of professional support services, from nanny services to customized concierge care for those with not enough hours in a day to get everything done, as well as everything in between. All services are provided by experienced individuals who are extensively screened, background checked and can meet our professional standards.

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