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2902 days ago

I have the monthly subscription for car washes, which is $12.99 so I think there is a lot of value with Delta Sonic. Some of their higher tier washes like the Super Kiss and Super Kiss Plus are also nice because you can return once or twice for another wash, which is very useful since it rains almost every other day here in Chicagoland.
The employees range from friendly to "just there" and I've never experienced any bad attitudes.
My only complaints are that the soap isn't rinsed off completely...especially in the rear of cars and I always end up with water dripping off my side mirrors. Also, there can be a lot of other customers getting their cars washed so sometimes it can take a bit, especially if you're getting any interior stuff done.

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3015 days ago

I stop by this Little Caesar's on my way home from work a couple times a month and I like it. You can't beat a large pizza for $5 that's usually ready when you walk in.
The staff could be more peppy or friendly but they get the job done I guess. I've also noticed a trend of them putting too much sauce on the pizzas lately, which is not my preference, but it's not too hard to wipe off excess sauce. If you've never been to Little Caesar's before, I also recommend the crazy bread.

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