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3617 days ago

When Paradise Pet came to our town I had my Golden Retriever LuLu, she was already an adult dog and starting to experience some health issues, at the time I was feeding her name brand dog food from a grocery store which I thought was the best only because of its name…little did I know… After an informative conversation with Jeff he gave me the knowledge that dog food is so much more, so I made the switch to one of Paradise Pets quality dog foods. LuLu’s skin improved dramatically I received so many compliments on her coat and it was all food related. When she started having trouble with her joints again I turned to Jeff and Diana we added supplements to her diet and saw immediate improvement. Paradise Pet’s love and knowledge was there till the end for my girl who gave us 14 happy years.

Now I’ve adopted a puppy!!...one goofy and crazy Goldendoodle … I’ve had a few dog’s over the years but NEVER a puppy, wow!! am I happy to have Paradise Pet to turn to, soon as I brought the little guy home our first stop was to see Jeff & Diana we stocked up on puppy food, toys. Bailey is approaching 2 we have a long way to go. They’re making this journey a lot easier, again with nutrition, crate training, pros of neutering and alot of guidance on training.

If you haven’t visited Jeff and Diana I strongly recommend you do :)

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