Sonny Rollins - Tenor

Classic post-bop saxophonist who is still touring well into his 70's.
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Added on 11/13/2008
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Sonny Rollins - Tenor 5

I got a chance to see Sonny Rollins about 10 years ago when he hit town at the local jazz festival. Often you go to see the legends in the autumn of their years with slightly reduced expectations, hoping they will bring along a band of young lions who are getting a chance to glow under the tutelage of their idols. But Sonny, at about 70 years old, opened the show by playing as he walked on to the stage alone, laying down an extended solo from Tenor Madness. While he played the band slipped on to the stage in the dark and then kicked in on cue. The night was all about Sonny although each band member had the spot light for a number or two, including guitarist and Rollins contemporary Jim Hall. At the end of the night Sonny again took the encore solo. A totally comanding performance by one of the greatest of the post be-bop era.

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