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The Samsung R810 Finesse smartphone features an advanced touchscreen with widgets which delivers the ...
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Item added by goindownslownot. Added on 04/08/2009
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Samsung Finesse 5

Actually a 4.5, if only because of the lack of a bonafide media player sync utility. Should be fixed when they add the R810(Finesse) to Samsung's PC Studio.

The phone itself is quite sharp and mostly intuitive, though because of its recent (April 1st) release, some folks are confused as to how to manipulate some functions supplied on the menu. The touch screen is quite good and the supplied widgets, while somewhat spartan in nature currently (many more to come) are a very effective way of accessing certain featurs/apps supplied with the R810.

As of now, the only carrier to supply the phone is metroPCS (more on MPCS later). Battery life is fine (3.5) hours talk time and depending on which MPCS plan you select, you can have GPS, email, text, browser and a few other goodies I'll touch more on them when I review metroPCS. The phone does support 3G, though MPCS has yet to roll in out in my area (Boston)

For now, your best best for support is the up and coming SAMSUNG-FINESSE.COM forum where you'll find links to accessories, apps and helpful hints along with some fine reviewers to help you through your journey.

The price is $349.00us, pricey to some, but remember you're not tied down to a 2yr contract which definitely takes the sting out of the cost.

This phone is definately worth a look.

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