Abilene, Texas

115,000 population city in Texas
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Abilene, Texas 5

Abilene has a lot going for it:

(1) Low cost of living in a state with no state income tax.
(2) Very clean town, not junky at all.
(3) 3 colleges to choose from in this 115,000 population city.
(4) A "right size" city, not too tiny but not like driving across Houston either
(5) Low crime rate
(6) Warm climate virtually year round
(7) Serves a big metro area outside of the city core insuring customers
from numerous small towns.
(8) Decent medical services available
(9) Low pollution, manageable trafiic
(10) Friendly
(11) A major stop on the interstate once leaving Dallas westward.
(12) Good place to retire
(13) Maintains its western heritage from the past, but also looks forward

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