If you want to join a site to "learn and earn", I don't think there could be anything better ...
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If you want to join a site to "learn and earn", I don't think there could be anything better than Pickjack. It is a site where you come across a number of quizes in the form of multiple choice questions categorized suitably in to various categories. You can browse through the questions and click on the one you want to attempt. The members of the site put up the questions for other users of the site and the member asking the question gives a set of answers from which you have to tick the right one. For every 20 right answers, you get to ask a question. For wrong answers, you get negative marks. You earn for answering the quiz and if other answers the question you have placed their. This is a fun way to go for earning as you could get to test your general knowldge as well as earn at the same time. Payment is very low and so you get payment for your participation, no matter how low you earn of your activities. The minimum payout is just 0.05 USD.

I loved the way it brush up my brain with knowledge on various topics. There are a number of quality questions in the site though you will be getting some silly questions too. The best option is to go for Take 10, where you get the option for answering 10 questions in a single page. Else, you have to click every question to give your answer.
It is a good site to join. Sign up is easy and simple and to everyone's delight, it is free to join.

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