"I am Ozzy" by Ozzy Osbourne & Chris Ayres

Recent autobiography by Ozzy Osbourne,famous frontman of the legendary Black Sabbath.
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"I am Ozzy" by Ozzy Osbourne & Chris Ayres 5

One of the best autobiographies I've ever read,particularly for one Rock n Roll related.Ozzy held back nothing,and although he's dyslexic,Mr.Ayres has helped him to deliver a masterfully written,entertaining and ultimately endearing work.It's like sitting down in a pub with the man himself,and having him tell you his life story,and what a life ! Like the "Mr. Crowley" he sang about (abysmal song,I admit),young Ozzy,(then still "John"),suffered at the hands of sadistic British teachers.(remember "The Wall"?)Not being a fan of authority,he had a try at being a "bad guy",which failed miserably,as he describes in the book with his obvious wit & self-depricating manner.Jobs were both scarce and horrendous in the depressed area he grew up in,and the best one was evidently at a slaughterhouse.The book really takes off when he forms the band that would become Black Sabbath (they started off mostly doing blues covers and one or two originals) with Iommi,Butler and Ward.He's very straightforward about his drug and alcohol abuse,neither galmorizing it or making excuses.What stands out most of all is his honesty,his ability to laugh at himself,and his real love of his wife Sharon.After enjoying just about every paragraph,I marvelled at the fact that he is actually alive to tell the tale.It was uproariously funny at times,and also quite sad.It is an encouraging tale about someone who overcame all odds, finally addressed their addictions,and about a guy who does really appreciate his good fortune in the end.

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