Kindercare Learning Centers

Kindercare Learning Centers
135 W Wieuca Rd Ne
Atlanta ,  GA   30342-3219
United States
Phone: (404) 255-5672
Added on 01/07/2005
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We leave our children in the day care thinking and strongly believing that they will teach good information and take care .But here teacher Amy who had taken advantage on me.Give false report on me and it took 3 weeks for me to prove that I did not is the incident that actually happened : I tried to park my car with the ridiculous parking space that they have in the parking lot and saw silver 4 door car in the next parking and realised that its going to colllide and took reverse and saw whether any scratch ,luckily no scratch made by my car.So i parked in other parking lot.This person Amy who works as a teacher in Day care ,was in the bus fixing the alarm saw this incident and around 2 called police and gave report on me and she had said to the policec that i collided one of her teachers Adrealin car which is Gold 2 door car.Luckily I had a witness and after 3 weeks fight i proved my insurance agency that this is a false claim ,but insurance paid 704 $ for the scratch (not even $10 worth scratch) as they had written agreement with the opposite party insurance.Moreover in the police report they had given all my privacy information .For sure this information from my tag sinec i have my perm address.In Day care I had given my recent address .When checked with management ,Kim ,district managerr,she was so rude and i was dicriminated by the management. I dont c any improvement from my daughter,she is 4 now and still i teach ehr in home.I wonder what is the meaning of day care here. I c children crying in the morning standing in the corner and teacher who is supposed to be with them ,just keep talking with the co teacher and having fun on their own world.They take no steps when kids fight each other,still teachers stand and talk.Evening while picking,if u c Amy will stand with big pack of lays chips and infront of her one kid was throwing wood chips on each.Per week 160 $ .is it really worth?.Finally i decided to move out,literrally crying in me .

Pros: Not the best place.Worth spending money on Montessori schools than giving here with lazy staff
Cons: Need to know what they are here for.

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