Compeed® Blister Patches Medium

Compeed® soothes, protects and cushions your feet. Stops blister pain in 10 seconds. The Patch acts ...
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Item added by JFI. Added on 06/10/2010
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Compeed® Blister Patches Medium 5

I had a really bad case of back heel blister after walking in the wrong shoes. I literally couldn't walk anymore from the pain so I bought a Compeed patch. And with the patch on I could walk in those shoes that hurt me for the rest of the day without feeling any sort of pain or rubbing above the patch. When I got home, I took the patch off and I saw that my pretty big blister was half cured - the patch stopped fluid collection in the skin so I didn't have a blister anymore. The downside to these patches is that they are a little pricey (about 6$/1 patch) but they worth all the money.

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