Marlboro Bright Leaf

10mg tar cigarette available in the UK.
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Item added by BillyHeyward. Added on 09/16/2010
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Marlboro Bright Leaf 5

As far as i'm aware, these are only available in the UK (as i read that they were design specifically for the british market).
Awesome flavour, great rush (especially on your first long drag of the day) and they're pretty smooth. Marlboro, in my opinion, never fails to deliver a beautiful cigarette, both in flavour and style.
The box is absolutely stunning, styled somewhat resemblant of a zippo lighter and black, classy or what?
I really enjoyed my brief stint of bright leaf cigarettes, they don't have the typical 'generic' marlboro flavour that many people have mentioned, it's much more unique and refreshing, almost cleansing if you ask me (but not in the sense that a menthol cigarette is).
Great smoke, sexy box, and it's Marlboro. Can't go wrong.

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