American Spirit Lights (Mellow Yellows)

Natural American Spirit Light Cigarettes
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American Spirit Lights (Mellow Yellows) 3

Before i start my review, i want to say i am a fan of the idea of american spirits. I like the face that they contain no additives in everything other then now the paper (because of the mandated FSC), and that they contain 25% more tobacco then other cigarettes, BUT i really dislike the draw, throat hit, and how expencive they are. Granted, they are quite a bit stronger being that they have more tobacco, and apparently contain more"free base" nicotine, (1.5mg in the lights!),i really think ive just ajusted to all the chemicals, and to me cigarettes with the additives seem to "smoke better"/easier. As far as the taste, i think american spirits have the upper hand. Being that they are additive free, they taste like what a cigarette should taste like, Tobacco. All in all, im giving a positive review on american spirit lights, but its not something i would smoke all the time. They are deeply satisfying, and could see how the extra expense of them would level out because of smoking less but i dont like them that much. 3.5/5

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