"Crosstown Traffic" By Charles Murray

Crostown Traffic: Jimi Hendrix & the Rock n Roll Revolution.Copyright 1989,St. Martins Press
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"Crosstown Traffic" By Charles Murray 3

Interesting and absorbing,but uneven,this book is easily the most cerebral book dealing with Hendrix that I have read.The author goes to great lengths to assert the "blackness" (for lack of a better word) of Hendrix,which he feels has been denied by many from fans to critics.He also spends a lot of time putting Jimis music in the context of Blues and Jazz,citing many intriguing influences on the evolution of American music from it's folk roots right up to today.As a big Hendrix fan,and a musician,I found plenty to enjoy,but at times felt that the author was grinding a highly personal axe to the detriment of his book.I'm sure a lot of it would bore the crap out of casual music fans who just wanted to know more about Hendrix life. 3 and a half stars.

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