Tools and templates for ISO 9001 quality manuals, procedures, forms to quickly achieve ISO 9001 certification AND improve business processes and efficiency.
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9001Simplified 5

I feel that your web site was a tremendous help to me making a decision on what I needed to get started on ISO documentation. The information was very clear and informatative. The ordering was very simple and easy. I will use your site for all my ISO needs.

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9001Simplified 5

9001Simplified claims to be different from other providers by going back to the purpose of ISO 9001 (improve company performance and quality) and setting up an ISO 9001:2008 quality management system that adds real business value and that is efficient, non-bureaucratic, and easy to use. We found this claim to be largely true.

9001Simplified managed to really simplify the ISO 9001:2008 requirements and create unique manuals that are free from unnecessary requirements and bureaucracy that is so common in other ISO 9001 documentation; instead, their manuals truly focus on the improvement of corporate processes and efficiency.

Interestingly, 9001Simplified offers two different manuals: the Implementation Manual and the Streamlining Manual. Both manuals fully integrate quality manual, procedures, and policies; both manuals come with detailed and easy-to-follow customization instructions. The main difference between both manuals is that the Implementation Manual is specifically designed for companies that want to implement ISO 9001:2008 for the first time (the manual includes many explanations, clear processes and detailed instructions that will make the implementation quite easy; most importantly, employees will accept ISO 9001:2008 because this manual is user-friendly and really makes sense). The Streamlining Manual is a super-efficient manual that is ideal for companies that want to make their existing quality system more efficient.

9001Simplified also offers a package: the Complete Package which includes the Implementation Manual, Forms Collection, Streamlining Manual, a set of startup documents and a detailed beginner's guidebook. Initially we were surprised to find both ISO 9001 documentation templates included. However, the reasoning makes sense: the Streamlining Manual is to be used to upgrade and streamline the original ISO 9001 documentation about 1-2 years after ISO 9001 certification (in fact, your auditor will likely expect you to revise your ISO 9001 documentation due to the ISO 9001:2008 requirement for continual improvement); using their Streamlining Manual is an easy way to meet ISO 9001:2008's improvement requirement with the most efficient ISO 9001 QMS and at minimal efforts.

9001Simplified is fully compliant with ISO 9001:2008 - including the new, simplified wording.

Editorial Review by 9001Council.org

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