7up Diversion Safe

The 7-Up can safe is so cool. It looks just like the real soda can and its weighted to feel like its full. The top of the can screws off and you are left with an area to put your valuables in.
Item added by leavenworth. Added on 02/23/2012
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7up Diversion Safe 5

I love this site. It has so many awesome diversion safes. I ordered the 7-Up diversion safe since I'm addicted to 7-Up. I always have at least a 12 pack of 7-Up in my house at all times so I just put my money and jewelry in the 7-Up safe and mix it in with the rest of the cans. The coolest part is the can is already weighted so if you were to pick it up out of the group you wouldn't be able to tell the difference between the safe and the soda. This site offers a huge selection of diversion and can safes to hide things in plain sight.

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