Controversy over Confederate monuments

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Controversy over Confederate monuments 3

Confederate revisionism took root as a reaction to the Civil Rights era. Use of the confederate flag and statues in honor of the losers of the Civil War became in style during the early to middle part of the 20th Century. I don't think that's an era of our history that should be celebrated.

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Controversy over Confederate monuments 4

I really haven't been able to decide on this one. Part of me feels that getting rid of these monuments and renaming streets, schools, etc. is erasing history, which seems wrong. I also understand how such things would be seen as offensive reminders of a terrible past, and maybe even as a justification of such a past which justifies their removal. Both sides make very valid points, and I just don't know.

Maybe the real answer should be that I'm a white northerner who has no real stake in the matter, and should just stay out of it.

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