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01/10/2019 4

I discovered in 2011 after I was given permission by my martial arts instructor to teach, so long as I didn't charge for it. The good about hosting a meetup is that people will find you and show up. I met some very interesting people through the years, both in SF and LA. The attendance varied significantly based on the location; not exactly different in SF and LA, but based on the specific location; say, one park at 10am on a Saturday might get 12 people to show up, where's a similar park a mile south might get 2. So a little experimenting is required. I was somewhat worried what kind of folks would show up, as this is basically the craigslist of community events, but I met mostly really good folks, two of whom have become really close friends of mine. As a host, there are fees, and those fees have increased fairly significantly over the past few years, although if you have at least a few people attending your meetups you can easily get back the fees if everyone chips in a few bucks. I moved away from meetup recently though, as I tried hosting some other events that were poorly attended (meditation and acting were hit and miss, and a book club wasn't attended at all). I tried getting meetup to lower my dues but after lowering it one time, they wouldn't do it again. I get it. All in all I would recommend this, as it's generally free for folks who aren't hosts (some groups do charge), and you can find a meetup for what you are looking to do/learn.

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06/26/2008 1

About a year ago, I contacted MeetUp because somebody added a hoax on this site. It took a long, long time for MeetUp to respond. For me, MeetUp has no credibility.

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