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Connecticut 4

I've been a little homesick for Connecticut; it's come and gone over the years. There is a town I really have my eye on now that I have a family, which is Fairfield. It's a suburb-ish type town with good schools, close to the shore, and it's between two big cities (big to CT anyway), New Haven and Stamford. Plus you can get on the train and get to NYC in an hour and a half. I like the idea of living there, plus my extended family is there and some old friends. Housing is also reasonably affordable; much less than what you'd get in most of CA, and there's no state income tax, but property taxes can be pretty hight. What would be holding me back predominately is that it's pretty hard to walk away from the weather in California, and honestly I really like a lot of the people in CA. Connecticut folks are good too but there's something about the SoCal folks that really vibes with me. The way I see it is I've got 3 years to figure it out because that's when my son starts school. I like the expression "more will be revealed".

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