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Marines 5

I heard about these guys once or twice...

UPDATE: Take Jarhead 101 with numbah. We are talented at all kinds of mayhem...

UPDATE: I just read a citation for a Navy Cross (2nd only to the Congressional Medal Honor) awarded to a Marine for service above and beyond the call of duty in Afghanistan. It was pretty standard badassery until I got to the part where the Marine Corporal engaged an enemy machine gunner in close combat, relieved said insurgent of his weapon, and promptly beat him to death with it. That's just fuckin' scary... anybody who thinks that Marines don't have the spirit to crush nuts no matter what the conditions are can suck it.

UPDATE: Ha, your D votes can suck it too... we are mean people for a mean purpose. Sometimes dumbass insurgents get tore up when they trifle with us. If you ask me, the guy should have been a better warrior if he didn't want to die disgracefully.

UPDATE: Happy fucking birthday! 237 years ago today The Continental Congress made their best call ever and ordered that a couple battalions of Marine were to be formed. Now let's do the Jarhead thing and get fucked up... I don't care that it is only 0752 as I type this shit.

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XAgent commented 4454 days ago.
When do classes start

numbah16tdhaha commented 4453 days ago.
I teach all the time.
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