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Ab Driving School 2

I live in DC went with the school because it is cheaper than local schools (about $40/hour) and its a member of BBB (I naively thought that meant something). They dont do pick-ups AND you have to go to the Wheaton office to make appointments which means that you have to make a special trip just to sign up with the school. But I thought the price difference was worth it. The first half went well but afterwards things started to go downhill.
- one day, they had no car available for the lesson so it was cancelled. They didn't notify me about it (so I wasted a round trip their school) and then they try to avoid responsibility in the matter,
- out of the 3 instructors I had, only one was good (the other doesnt talk except when she carries personal conversations on her cellphone and the last one has such a heavy accent I trouble understanding his directions),
- and on top of that the owner and one of the employees are extremely rude!

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