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Radioshack Corporation - 5897 S Archer Ave 1

Dear Sirs: You have a Radio Shack Store located at 5897 Archer Ave. in the City of Chicago, Illinois 60638 (773)767-1403, that, we here at Worldwide Entertainment Corp, have been dealing with for many years. Lately, in the last couple of years, dealing with this store has been quite frustrating. When we send a driver down there to pick- up merchandise, more often than not, employees there haven't as much as a clue regarding what the are selling. You bring forward simple terms like, a female or male RCA jack, or XLR, or just a stereo 36" RCA as examples and they haven't any idea what you are talking about. They'll often stipulate that Radio Shack doesn't handle a particular item and you know for a fact you have been purchasing it there for years. Almost every time this statement is made by a store clerk, you'll wind up finding it right there on the shelf. Yesterday, I myself, talked to a clerk and asked for a dozen 1/4" mono male non-shielded jacks to repair speaker cords. I stipulated that they be the screw connection type, since our people may need to use them for a quick on-site fix, since they may not have a soldiering device with hem to do it properly. After about 15-20 minutes trying to clarify what we wanted, the clerk stated the store was out of stock. I told my driver that they usually have no idea what they are talking about at that store and described the item to him. In his search, he found them right there on the peg board. Now these are not isolated circumstances. It happens 90% of the time we send someone down there! We'll send an employees there with a note of what we want or we'll have our employee have the store clerk call and nine out of ten times he'll sell us the wrong item. It appears to us that they change store managers and clerks there, often and we get the feeling that this particular store may just be nothing more than a training ground for new employees. Across our several divisions here at Worldwide, we spend considerable sums at your stores. We normally do not just usually purchase one cord here or there. We purchase in quantities. We are now considering looking elsewhere. Sending an employee down to this store is a cost factor in itself in man-hours. The ease of purchasing from a nearby source, such as this store of yours for our expendable support items is quickly diminishing. Your response would be appreciated. Respectfully submitted Edward D. Fogell Worldwide Entertainment Corp 6234 S, Mason Ave. 2040 N. Elston Ave Chicago,Illinois 773-735-6400

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