Camel Crush

reviewed by EnviousFate

A Camel cigarette that has a little ball in the filter that you crush to turn into a menthol.


Camel Crush 2

Sorry to burst everyones bubble about these cigs being the second coming of Christ... but there is something better... there are these kools with the same concept as these crushes, little ball in the filter, but think of it as a menthol boost for a menthol.... but untill those kools come to america(so far the only way i get them is when my buddy sends me some from japan) i guess these will do if you like the novelty of two cigs in one.  personally, nothing can top my Newports in taste, and menthol yumminess

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jenou commented 3898 days ago.
This review is a failure in every way. It provides no information on Camel Crush cigarettes, and is based solely on opinion. Please write a review that is constructive and not biased.
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