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I would like to ask clients for some feedback so I may better serve you. Please be as honest as possibly. My only concern is the health and well being of your pet. So, I always welcome criticism. Thank you.


Paradise Pet - Jeff Coltenback 5

Jeff and Diana just don't run a fabulous store, they are two wonderful people who truly care about your pet! I know first hand! I was having awful problems with my 6 year old African Grey. I was at my wits end and I thought it would be best if she was re homed. I contacted Jeff and Diana to see if they would help find a new home, but they had a different plan for me! They said to bring Magick the African Grey in right away, and so I did. They took the time to teach me and enlighten me on so many different aspects of owing a parrot. I am so glad to this day I never re homed my parrot! It took lots of effort and tons of patience on my part but I had Jeff and Diana as my support.

So, thank you Paradise Pet for being there for me and my precious parrot. Tails up for a wonderful establishment.

All the Best,
Stacie & John

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