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Second Story Counseling provides serious, comprehensive psychotherapy for both individuals and counseling. Located on Chicago's north side, the counselors and therapists are dedicated ...
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Second Story Counseling 5

I was really suffering from some major depression after losing a job and a divorce from my wife. At the time, the world seemed to be crashing in around me felt very much hopeless. I had expected to walk into your run of the mill psychology office, but was pleasantly surprised at the offices professional beauty, and atmosphere. My therapist sat down with me in a quiet, and confidential room and listened to my problems. For the first time, I realized that a lot of my own crazy thoughts were the contributing reason for my depression. After intense, one-on one work with my therapist, my depression slowly subsided, and I began to feel better everyday. The staff here is very diverse and cares an awful lot about their clients.

Before going to therapy, I (like a lot of people) think seeing a therapist means your crazy. In reality, my therapist explained that people who don't get assistance in addressing their mental issues are doing themselves a dis-service. I think what made me feel so comfortable was how their staff explained to me what counseling really is. I had always imagined some doctor, laying me down on a counch and disecting my life. The therapy I engaged in with my psychologist diddn't try weird tricks to talk about my problems, but rather; helped me move forward at my pace. It's been three years now, an I'm glad a place like Second Stroy provides such great psychotherapy for people in Chicago.

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