Pall Mall Lights

reviewed by MaJaMe2693


Pall Mall Lights 4

I would have given them a 3 if I had just started smoking them, but after having to resort to cheaper brands of cigarettes (due to pay cuts at work) for a good while now, I've learned how to enjoy these better.

You have to roll the filter around in-between your fingers for a good minute or two, fold the filter in half one way and then do it another, and just constantly wear it down. This really helps to make it a good smoke 'cause the way they pack the filters in for these is way too tight, so you have to do certain tricks to loosen up all the fibers so you're able to take a good drag.

Once you've done that, these really aren't a half bad cigarette. Comparable to a Marlboro Light but last twice (maybe three times) as long and have a lesser chemical taste to them. Try 'em out, they're pretty cheap everywhere. I get them here in Georgia for $3 a pack when I'm broke.

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