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Dunkin Donuts - 6332 N Broadway St 2

Bad customer service at the store.

Most people in our family are Dunkin Donuts coffee lovers, but about a week ago the service at this store really let me down. The window person at the drive thru handed my partner, the driver, a large coffee and the lid was not on all the way, as soon as he grabbed it coffee began spilling on his had his clothes and the door of the car.

Mistakes happen but the bad part was the lost look on the person at the window who did not even say sorry or offered water to try and help his burned hand, or clean the coat or his pants which were all stained with black coffee.

When we asked for the supervisor the supervisor's reaction was equally disappointing. Not a sorry, not any type of offer to fix the situation just an empty "what do you want me to do" stare.

We have been going to that location for years almost every day getting coffee and breakfast foods and on the weekend stopping by for donuts and other goodies. That is the part that is the most disappointing because while mistakes do happen the fact that they did not even apologize makes the whole incident worst than it needed to be.

I was at a Starbucks once and I asked for a low fat drink, it was awful, it was my fault that I ordered it but the cashier saw me make the yuck face and she asked me what was wrong. I told her it was not what I expected and she said let me get you a different drink. I turned down the offer but always remember the willingness to go above and beyond. Not last week at this Dunkin Donuts location.

Burned, stained, and disappointed we thought we were going to have to try and find a new location to get our DD fix.

I sent a note to Corporate who followed up with me within an hour or so, and I even got a call from the owner of the store with promises of better Customer Service training and an offer to clean car and clothes at their expense followed with the owners cell phone number.

It does not erase the incident and the bad experience by any means, but at least they promise to do better.

For now we are getting our coffee elsewhere.

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