Camel Crush

reviewed by daendres

A Camel cigarette that has a little ball in the filter that you crush to turn into a menthol.


Camel Crush 4

Not a big fan of Camel Lights.. I think they taste cheap. In fact, I don't smoke lights at all. So without crushing the ball it would just get a 2. The menthol is a very pleasant taste, in my opinion, and since I don't normally like menthols I'm happy it's not a very strong menthol. So as a menthol, it would get a 4. I rated it 4 stars overall because I like the fact that I can make it a menthol essentially on-demand, and because they're cheap as hell. Right now they're $1 off where I live, so with tax and everything they come to $4.32 per pack. They're actually my daily smoke for the time being, but I'll probably end up switching back to Luckies once I get tired of them and the promo ends.

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