Camel Crush

reviewed by MaJaMe2693

A Camel cigarette that has a little ball in the filter that you crush to turn into a menthol.


Camel Crush 5

My dad prefers menthol. My brother prefers regular. My handful of smoking buddies vary greatly. But I seem to be part of a low percentage in saying that I truly enjoy both mentholated and non-mentholated cigarettes. And this delivers on both sides.

It's basically a Camel Light (which I love) with a tiny bead of menthol in the filter. Crush it, and the menthol gets absorbed into the filter thus instantly creating a menthol cigarette in seconds. The menthol is powerfully cooling and quite minty, and the regular is exactly what you would expect of a fine Camel Light cigarette.

Honestly, if you're one of the few people who enjoy both kinds of cigarettes like me, you'll probably love these. If you don't, pick up a pack of Camel Lights or Camel Menthols.. can't go wrong there. (They have actually started to include the menthol bead in the Camel Menthols. Pretty awesome if you're looking for a *really* cold menthol.)

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