Warrior Syko Stick

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Warrior Syko Stick 1

I bought one of these sticks and it lasted exactly 15 minutes. I think I tried two snap-shots in the warm-up and one half-slapshot right at the start of the game. It was otherwise un-touched.
It didnt break per-se, but something let loose on the inside of it. When you bounced it on its butt-end on the ice or solid floor, it made the most horrible rattling-buzzing noise I've ever heard. Similar to what a wood stick would sound like if it was cracked all the way up the shaft.

Anyways - I got a warranty replacement. The thing that pissed me off was that I think this first stick was totally defective, and it still counts as my "warranty replacement".

The replacement lasted through about 3 games. The only reason I think it lasted this long is because I was scared to actually use it !
Anyways.... it's now done the exact same thing, although it doesn't sound nearly as bad as the first one did. They were from the same store (Sin-Bin) so maybe it was a bad batch.
Regardless - you pay over $100 for a stick, you'd think it would last at least a month or two under NORMAL usage.
I'll never buy another one of these again..... \:-/

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