Pall Mall Lights

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Pall Mall Lights 4

Back before tar and nicotine ratings were abolished, one could look them up and find that full flavor Pall Mall Filters (Red box) were exceptionally strong – partly because it burned so slow, but also because it was just plain strong, little short of the few unfiltered cigarettes still on the market. Pall Mall Filters (Blue box), formerly Lights, are likewise exceptionally strong – in fact the old ratings had it at nearly the same strength as most other full-flavor cigarettes. Anyone who liked the rich tangy sweetness of the Red but otherwise found it overstrong may want to give these a try, as it has the same flavor profile, somewhat more mildly pitched. The filter is on the stiff side – kneading it a bit might help – but non-light smokers who find the Red box too much may be pleasantly surprised with the Blue, since it’s more like a regular cigarette than a light. Clearly, the old Pall Mall Filters Ultra Light (now the Orange box) is the true “light” in this brand lineup.

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