Camel Crush

reviewed by Zack Chamberlain

A Camel cigarette that has a little ball in the filter that you crush to turn into a menthol.

Zack Chamberlain

Camel Crush 4

these cigs r definetly not my first cig i ever tried but for beginng smokers they r great. when i first picked up a pak i looked at the box and its really fuckin cool plus thecig with the blue and green lines look great. bu7t the flavor is pretty satisfying both ways im one of the few half and half smokers i mostly smoke regular but occasionaly enjoy a menthol so these r perfect without thementhol it taste light but good and with the menthol its a nice refreshing light menthol not to strong just write. its a good cig to smoke when ur just walkin around with sum friends and messin shit up

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