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I would like to ask clients for some feedback so I may better serve you. Please be as honest as possibly. My only concern is the health and well being of your pet. So, I always welcome criticism. Thank you.


Paradise Pet - Jeff Coltenback 5

Paradise Pet is fantastic. This is not just your typical local pet store. Along with great products, you have knowledgeable owners and staff. Have a health issue with your dog and need guidance with what foods might help? Jeff will guide you. Your pet is anxious/bored/mischievous? He'll guide you with that too. He takes a holistic approach to feeding your pet, which means he'll work with you to select the right food for your animal and your family. He recommends feeding raw for dogs, but knowing that I'm squeamish he's helped us find an alternative that's still healthy and good for our pup. Our dog is sensitive and can't take those flea prevention products your vet will push on you (she had an allergic reaction to them). Jeff's got solutions for that too, and he's helped us find natural flea and tick repellent that doesn't jeopardize our dog or our family.

I've never experienced a pet shop like this before. The entire staff is approachable and helpful. Jeff will always get back to you with a question if you happen to call, email or stop by when he's not in (although, he seems to be there most of the time when I stop by).

Now, add in that the shop is always clean, despite the fact that there are birds and small animals there (reptiles, fish, hamsters, etc) and it's pretty impressive.

Let's also not forget the good work Jeff and Diana do to save stray/abandoned dogs. They have a pitbull rescue, and hearts of gold. They also have 2 full time resident birds (Angel, and I forget the other). My son adores coming in to just watch them. Can't say enough good things about Paradise Pet!

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