Paradise Pet - Jeff Coltenback

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I would like to ask clients for some feedback so I may better serve you. Please be as honest as possibly. My only concern is the health and well being of your pet. So, I always welcome criticism. Thank you.


Paradise Pet - Jeff Coltenback 5

Jeff and his wife Diana are not only incredibly experienced in holistic pet care and training, they are animal advocates. The health and happiness of our pets is important to us, and it's refreshing to meet people who care just as much about your pet's well being as you do. The big, corporate run companies can't compete with a family owned and operated store, because they don't place enough emphasis on personal attention and customer-retailer relationships. Bottom line is, animals are much more than business to the Coltenbacks, and when looking for health and diet advice and products for our animal family makes sense to consult people who really care.

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