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Music Industry Workshop 5

I had been a DJ in the 90s and only used vinyl and 1200s. I had let the DJ go after getting married and having kids. I decided in 2009 to dust off my turntables and vinyl and start expirementing again.. I was in the dinosaur age!!! I met a DJ at a family wedding and he was using a MAC and some digital equipment to do all of his mixing. I started speaking to him. I found out he was a very successful Chicago Club DJ and was doing the wedding as a favor to the groom who was a personal friend. I also asked him how he started using all this gear. He said he had taken DJ classes at Music Industry Workshop. I decided to check it out. I went to the website got some info, called the school.. They are the only school in the city that teaches DJ classes. I went and enrolled and WOW!!!! The instructor Brian was amazing. Talented, Patient, Helpful. He helped me find decent used gear to get started. I learned a whole new way of mixing!! I have got my certificate in April 2010 and I have restarted my DJing and I have done and am booked to do several weddings, I have guest DJed at a few clubs in Chicago and I can't thank Music Industry Workshop enough for the awesome expierence I had!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS SCHOOL!!

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