Gudang Garam International

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If you have a question.. what the most populer kretek in this moment? the answer it's Gudang Garam International Cigarettes.

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Gudang Garam International 4

"My experince with Kretek is limited to Djarum Blacks, Djarum Special and now Gudang Garam. At first I was dissapointed. The two Djarum varieties I have tried have been very sweet and thick. The Gudang Garam is different. The clove is much milder and the cigarette as a whole is much smoother. It lacks the thick syurp-like taste of the Djarum. I prefer the sweet heaviness of Djarum but for those who like Kretek but don't care for the heaviness of Djarum, this is the best so far. All in all: It's milder than Djarum and the clove is more subtle. Still a great Kretek. Recommended for beginners to Kretek or those who enjoy very mild flavorings. It's much less harsh than Djarum. Enjoy."

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