Donald Trump was elected president

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Donald Trump was elected president 5

The big kahuna on this list and definitely the biggest shocker. Trump's presidency might not last for the full 2 terms, given the major financial and political scandals swirling around him, but the influence of his presidency is sure to last for many years afterwards. He effectively conducted a hostile takeover of the political system, defeating established, favored political names to win the presidency. He has been disrupting the system ever since, with a twitter account in hand.

Trump won because he was able to exploit dissatisfaction in the years after the financial crisis, over a recovery that did not reach everyone, particularly those in industrial areas and in the farm belt, which had been suffering through a period of low commodity prices. When there are economic problems, that also spreads over to social venues. A racial divide has opened up, one that Trump has encouraged for his own purposes. But more broadly, what America is and how it projects power in the world might be up for challenge in the coming years. Bigger changes are afoot.

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