Jimmy's Gentlemens Club

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Jimmy's Gentlemens Club 1

Absolutely unsafe, in a horrible, terrible, extremely bad neighborhood. Jimmy's Gentlemen's Club is nothing but shootings, homicides, and robberies in broad daylight. Shootings occur every single day inside the club. The club is a common hangout for cop killers with AK-47s, many of who had taken out SWAT teams and now have the entire FBI and Homeland Security on their tails. Armed security is no good against the ruthless cop killers. The entire stretch of Highway 30 between Cicero Avenue and I-65 in Indiana is all endless, nonstop hood. Bottom line, never ever go here. The club is totally unsafe, it sits in an extremely bad neighborhood, and extremely few people ever come out of there alive.

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ridgewalker2 commented 85 days ago.
Funniest review of the day.
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