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On one hand, America has mostly clean air, great national parks, mountains, beaches, and a variety of climates ranging from tundra to taiga, grassland, mountain, and tropical.

On the other hand, America is one of the worst countries to live in.

The cost of living is insanely expensive. Prices keep shooting skyward while paychecks crash downwards. America is the only industrialized nation on Earth with no universal/national healthcare. Medical emergencies easily cost 5 and sometimes 6 figure prices which often have to be paid out of pocket and are the #1 cause of bankruptcies.

The culture is fake, inauthentic, toxic, soulless, and socially disconnected. The entire social atmosphere is confined to closed cliques. Default ice barriers are between all strangers, and their is no human connection. Every man is an island and expected to stay out of everyone's lives and mind their own business. One is literally alone in heavy crowds. And speaking of being alone, going out alone in America makes you look like a loser to everyone, and you stay alone. Friendships are fake, superficial, and fleeting, mostly a facade. Any/all conversations with strangers are strictly business-related. People live to work, they work easily 100 to 120 hours a week, and they don't have time for anyone anymore.

The dating/marriage scene for American guys is in the sewer. American women are a divorce, prison, and a restraining order just waiting to happen. American women are also gold diggers, only wanting guys with huge, luxury McMansions, expensive luxury sports cars; guys, you want a relationship with an American woman, your next zip code of residency better be 90210 if you want your future marriage to work out. American women are also hateful, unapproachable, and spoiled rotten with a bad attitude. Roughly 98% of American women younger than 30 are lesbian, and America in general is a man-hating culture. A rapidly growing number of American women are also filing false rape charges on guys they don't like. Also, there are about 1,000-3,500 single men to every one single woman in America.

For more info, check out http://www.happierabroad.com

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ridgewalker2 commented 142 days ago.
Well, at least you've recovered from your Natalie Portman obsession...

minkey commented 122 days ago.
Rather than marry an American woman, I married a 29-year old Russian who got her citizenship two months before we got married. According to the statistics provided by bgtfcxz, I might be a bonafide genius. She never had a chance to turn lesbian.
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