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3522 days ago

My partner and I met Jeff and Diana a few years ago when we were looking for a pet bird. We were getting a little bit discouraged looking for the right pet after having gone to some of the chain pet stores around our area. We got lucky when one day about two years ago we decided to stop by Paradise Pet when they were still at the smaller store next door. We were lucky that day. We found our first grey cockatiel (orange cheeks) which we later named Gatsby. He was so friendly which we attributed to Jeff and Diana's wonderful ways of treating their pets. We did not stop with Gatsby. Later, we bought a female albino which we named Daisy and a few months after that, we convinced Jeff and Diana to let us buy a grey with yellow cheeks cockatiel which we later named Yuki. Jeff and Diana and our new pets changed our lives. Yuki, the youngest one, says hello to us every morning. He is now able to whistle a combination of the tunes from the soundtrack of Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Kill Bill, Adams Family, Jeopardy, and many others.
We are thankful and grateful to Jeff and Diana for their friendship and for giving us Gatsby, Daisy and Yuki who gives us so much joy and wonderment everday. We love you guys.

Rodgee and Rich and Spice Thai Cuisine.

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