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How many times were you ALMOST killed by your GPS navigator (you know, the one that tells you to turn onto oncoming traffic every now and then)? Review the charms and the hazards of GPS devices, as well as other little electronic gadgets for the car.

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Established in 2008, Esidirect is one of Australia's leading online sellers of workplace consumables, safety supplies, workwear & product solutions.

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2597 days ago

Garmins are full of best navigation features.
Prices are best at Amazon
I have been using this Garmins for a few years , and have found that I don't even have to update as much as they say, because the maps are very complete.

The only problem with these are the price is a little high, but if you shop at the right store you can defeat that, and looking for deals will also save you. I have had a few complains about people who will buy the used ones, they never seem to add up to expectation, so shop wisely.

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2627 days ago

The price is low but the quality is good and this is a great tool for a car-owner. It helps me a lot to scan whether there goes wome problem or not. What's more, it's very convenient.

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3090 days ago

Review Icon romelia reviewed Tom Tom in GPS Devices:
Compramos un Tom Tom para facilitarnos a encontrar direcciones y el costo del aparato pensabamos que lo ibamos a recuperar ahorrando gasolina y tiempo, pero oh sorpresa, que los mapas con los que venia el aparato estaban obsoletos y te cobran adicional por la actualización pagamos la actualización y de nuevo nos encontramos con que hay carreteras que no aparecen en el mapa o te llevan por camios viejos de terraceria, esto no es todo para cerrar con broche de oro, planeamos un viaje a México y compramos los mapas de Mexico con otro costo adicional y cuando cruzamos la frontera lo queremos usar y no hay nada, no funciona, regresamos del viaje, hablamos con los representantes de Tom Tom y no hay nada que hacer, perdimos nuestro dinero. Si estan pensando comprar un GPS esta sería la ultima compañía que yo les recomendaria, nuestra experiencia con el servicio al cliente de esta empresa es de lo mas nefasto.
Gracias por su atención.

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3143 days ago

All are improvements over my Nuvi 760, which still works fine.

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3218 days ago

One word: FAIL

More words: save your money, don't waste your time, and I will NOT be looking at Garmin ever again.

The pictures I provided tell the story. The MetroGuide can be previewed online at the link I provided. Check your city/home location and see what is not there with this lousy, inaccurate product. I tried to match screenshots of the map product in relation to sat. photos courtesy Google Earth so you can see there are actual missing structures (businesses) in the supposedly 'new, up to date version 5.0"

The handheld it was to go on was the reliable, rugged GPSmap 60C, which comes out of the box with virtually no Canadian map information for this half of the country. It is a good handheld only for tracking accurately WHERE YOU HAVE BEEN, not where you want to go. (For any respectable viewing, one must buy the MetroGuide).

My uses were to be many fold: accurate location and navigation to businesses (my working customers), navigation of roads on trips in my province and nearby provinces (holiday camping, tenting, hiking, driving) and maintaining an idea where essential services are in case of need (gas stations, hospitals, grocery stores, etc.). The accessory claims to be able to do this, but fails on ALL accounts.

The story: I bought v. 4.0.1 in early 2009, since v. 5.0 was not available to yet. Regardless, one would think the information in a new $160 product would be no older than say, two years tops, right? FAIL.

Examples: The first two images and the second two images correspond with each other, roughly (pretend to overlay them in your mind by landmarks).

In the first photo, the large building in the lower portion of the sat photo is Canadian Tire, established here over 30 years ago. Even the latest Garmin 5.0 MetroGuide omits this, and shows most of the area undeveloped. A big snub to the dozens of other smaller businesses around that area who are likewise omitted.

The second pair of images are actually east across the intersection from the Canadian Tire location (about .6 kms east). In the huge void shown by the screenshot of the Garmin software, there are several businesses not accounted for including a huge Walmart that is atleast 10 or more years old.

Two massive consumer chain stores, both ignored by DMTi Spatial, data providers of the Garmin software.

Forget for a moment Garmin is selling 35 to 40 year, old out of date information for my area. In case it is an anomaly, I took it to a city of nearly 800,000.

According to MetroGuide, there is only one Domo gas station to be located (there is in fact over a dozen).
The other Canadian tire by the world famous West Edmonton Mall is not registered.
Plotting a route through to 5 key shopping destinations, I was hitting an error rate of over 70% regarding present business names, locations (decades since having moved, changed or closed down), route access (missing key common roadways and byways), or just not found at all.

Maybe its Alberta thats been marginalized, so I loaded up some other map grids and took the product to Saskatchewan and back.

To start I had to trust my eyes, not the software as the 4+ year old completion of Anthony Henday highway is not on the GPS map...

A 'road' east of Fox Valley, Sk. was in fact non existent, and for a lark I followed it as far as I could until the farmer's access path vanished in the middle of a field of wheat (the GPS says I could travel over the horizon on this wheat road). Another road had me supposedly flying through the air over the South Saskatchewan river.

Princess, AB. has not been a town for atleast 50 years from what I can see (all but erased from the earth). Same can go for small 'abandoned' air fields along the way. I was misled turn after turn in believing there were services, roads or points of interest.

In fact I was a good 3 hours southeast drive from Calgary, AB and started to worry about the lack of tanked or canned fuel. Relying on the map data was a huge mistake, as it did not show the station I did stop at. I could have easily not explored the small town by eye, and missed the gas outlet Garmin says didnt exist. They also had a Tim Horton's which helped the nerves, albeit Garmin claimed I had 3 hours to get to Calgary to get to the nearest location.

Need I provide Lat./Long. data of this massive list of errors to prove my point? No.
And yet when I wrote to both DMTi Spatial and Garmin International about my findings, I was brushed off.

First I was responded to as if I was incompetent about the nature of geo-locating, GPS operating, or the software function (I was a utility locator once; I know 'a thing or two' about GPS practice, theory, navigation, map reading and so on). Then I was disbelieved regarding my findings as if I was either making them up or lying, as there could not have been such errors possible.

After almost a dozen exchanges, I was finally told that I should have bought version 5.0 (which was not out when I bought 4.x), followed by another exchange that concluded that if I lived in America I COULD HAVE been sent the latest version 5.0 free for my troubles (even though the website clearly shows it has all the same errors, making 5.0 equally useless to me).

Since I was in Canada, and supposedly shipping 'warantee repair/replace' was alien to Garmin, I would have been hit with customs/duties, so claims Garmin's Cartography Admin., Loy. Two 'reasons' why I could not take him up on his offer supposedly. Why he brought up the 'tempting' customer service offer, if it cant be acted upon, is beyond me, then.

This was their excuse for customer service. This was their excuse for GPS software and accuracy.

Regardless, I have been tainted with the certifiable after-taste of being ripped off and kicked to the curb as well. The money could have gone to much better things, and I am disappointed I cannot rely on this ancient software to even navigate me to an existing local customer or business, let alone plan any trip that I must risk any degree of faith in navigating.

I wasted my money and time on this company and its products, I hope you learn from my example and NOT waste yours.

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3400 days ago

My old Beltronics served my more than 8 years, saving multiple times from getting speed tickets. The screen died suddenly without preliminary warning. And I went shopping for the new replacement. As I was looking for the low price range units, the top models (Escort of Valentine) were out of question. After detailed investigation and reading consumer reviews, I decide to go for Cobra XRS-9345 (price - about $60 at eBay).

And so far, I like for I got for the price. It proved to catch all the traps and I could see, and the auto-speed measurement posts as well, while offering singnificantly lower amount of "noise". Very effective automute option and ability to adjust audio signal level satisfied even my spouse, usually upset with the audio warnings.

In teresting, and new for me, IntelliPro feature allows to cut of all unneeded warnings, when I travel at low speed, such as parking lots, full of signals. And KU Band, very popular in Europe, allows me to take it of for the coming vacation.

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3521 days ago

my friend have bought one but the price is higher than this one, so i would like to recommend you this one

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3554 days ago

I bought a Bully dog GT Tuner for my Chevy 2500 HD, after I paid $150.00 to have it professionally installed including having my manifold bored to install the pyrometer the system would not communicate through the trucks input plug and therefore would not download the Bully Dog program onto the truck nor would it work.

I contacted Bully Dog and had their "lead" technician walk me through step by step NO HELP the system would not work. After two days of frustrating communication with their tech and one of Bully Dogs managers they blamed my NEW Dealer original truck, stating some Bully Dog units will not be able to communicate with "SOME" trucks and will not work.......Where is that as a warning in their literature that you might end up with a very expensive FISHING WEIGHT........BECAUSE IT MAY NOT WORK ON "SOME" TRUCKS.

Since then I have left messages tried calling in vain many many times with no one picking up my calls. So I have had my truck drilled paying alot of money to buy and install this useless Equipment!!!!!

So beware Bully Dog will not help if their product does not work on your vehicle and you will suffer a great expense as I have with no recourse......

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