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1772 days ago

I have Charter Internet and telephone, and no problems. When I call Customer Service, usually to ask for a lower rate, rarely do I wait long, and they always find a way to give me a break. Now, my satellite contract is up, and I'm going to add Charter TV. Should work just fine, I think.

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2064 days ago

BUYER BEWARE!!!! I just had the worst ever experience with HUGHESNET satellite internet service.

After nearly 4 years of being a loyal and patient customer with their Power Plan Plus, I decided it

was time to try the new 'next generation' satellite, which promises "Faster Speeds. Greater Download

Capacity" (according to the HughesNet website). I was connected to a foreign customer service agent,

who gave us plenty of wrong information (such as that we would be needing to purchase a new dish and

modem, which was not true; that a local installation contractor would contact us to install the new

equipment, which did not happen as no new installation was required) and failed to tell us some

important facts. First, once you change from any pre-existing plan to the new Gen4 service, YOU

CANNOT GO BACK, EVER. Second, the claimed faster speed is either an outright lie or not noticeable

-- we were switched to the new service for 2 days and did not realize it until we discovered that we

could no longer access our 'download meter' to monitor our internet bandwidth usage. In fact, a

direct comparison of our hourly downloads from before and after switching shows absolutely NO

difference. Third, our download capacity actually decreased -- by a LOT! Under the old plan we had

425MB a day, or an average of 13 GB a month, of 'anytime' usage, plus UNLIMITED usage between 12-5am

(EST). So if we had huge DropBox files to transfer, we could this at night, no problem. The

'Greater Download Capacity' of Gen4 is only 10GB a month of anytime usage, plus a strictly limited

10GB during the 'bonus' hours of 2-8am. So we have dropped from effectively unlimited internet (if

we were willing to use it at night) to a strict cap of 20GB per month. These limits are not in place

because we are not willing to pay -- this are the MAXIMUM available to us, period. We run a small

business from our home and this change has now put us in a serious bind! Whereas our previous

service was marginal, the new one is simply unacceptable. If I could figure out how to sue

HughesNet, I would do so, for false and deceptive advertising, as well as bait-and-switch tactics. I

tried to resolve the matter by calling customer service to request reverting to our previous service

plan, but was told that it was not possible to switch back, even though no equipment needed to be

changed; this message was repeated through the agent's supervisor and his supervisor. I will soon

be switching providers, that's for sure!

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2126 days ago

Dish Network Satellite has been one of the most dissapointing decisions I have EVER made. We live in Northern Michigan, out in the boonies (our driveway is 1 mile long, so Cable is out of the question). We started with their cheapest package. 5 Gb data download and 1 Gb upload. From day 1 the speed has been s l o w., etc., etc. have ALL regularly said .6 to .7 Mb Download & .022 to .044 Mb Upload speeds. But, we ALWAYS managed to use up our entire monthly data allowance of 5 Gb by the second week of each billing period (and then, we got throttled back to even slower down/up speeds). Each tech (there have been MANY here) initially blamed my wireless laptop & the router. So we bought a new router (Netgear N600) & a new Cisco USB 2.0 wireless adapter for the laptop. CHANGED NOTHING (BTW if we Direct wire connect via RJ-45 to Dish's Satellite Modem also changes nothing. Still the biggest pig on the planet (I actually think dial-up is faster). Out of desperation, we upgraded to Dish's next better package (10 Gb download and 5 Gb upload). Still the same old crappy, slow internet access speeds, but somehow "Magically" we are now using much less than 1.5 Gb of data for each entire monthly billing period - curious eh? Last month we visited my brother & connected our laptop to his wireless network. reported that we were getting 66 Mb dpwnload and 15 Mb upload speed. Same thing when we visited my wife's brother. Dish has now informed us that throughput results are "invalid" and that we have to use Hughsnet Speedtest for any new throughput analysis figures. Hughsnet numbers are extremely high (magically though, they are the EXACT same numbers that we are paying Dish for). The Speedtest numbers still remain turtle slow (as do our web page display times). COOL EH? Hughsnet tells us that we are getting what we are paying for from Hughsnet. Anyone out there besides us feel that Dish's numbers might be "fudged".
Buy this service and B O H I C A FOLKS.

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2222 days ago

I have been with Wildblue for 2 ½ years. I’ve hated every minute of it. I knew nothing about satellite internet. I told them I wanted high speed, and unlimited service. They said ok, so I let them hook it up. I noticed right away the service was slow. I called and complained and they said everything was working fine and it was my computer.
Later that month I got shut completely off for too much uploading. Got back on the phone and that was when I found out the service was limited, now I was really pissed. Took my computer to a repair man, he went through my computer and shut down all programs that would upload in the back ground. Paid the man and brought my computer home and hooked it up. Called wildblue, told them what I did and they excused the usage and turn everything back on. Still wouldn’t work. I called customer support and they couldn’t fine anything wrong. They told me to take my computer in to get it looked at. I took it back in to the shop and, the man at the shop said everything is working fine. Paid the man again and took it back home and hooked it up. Still not working, so I called them and told them what I found out and they pretty much blamed it on my computer. Frustrated I went to bed and the next morning the system started working all by itself.
Now at the 2 year mark, called about something, I don’t remember, but I complained about the speed again. I told them I measured the download speed at .33mps. They looked at my account and told me for 5 dollars more a month, I could get 10mps, but I’d have to sign a new 2 year contract. After complaining numerous times about the speed, why didn’t they tell me this 2 years ago? When I move, which is soon. I’m never using Wildblue again. I don’t recommend Wildblue to anyone

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2440 days ago




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2527 days ago

I have wasted several hundred dollars, over 20 hours, and much frustration, and would not recommend Wildblue to anyone. It’s not that their service didn’t work – that can happen – it’s that their billing and customer service are dishonest and not reliable when dealing with problem situations.

I ordered Wildblue in early Spring, when the leaves were off the trees. Installation went fine, although it took a long time to accomplish.

About 2.5 months later the service stopped working. When I requested support, a technician came out, and was unable to restore service or find line of sight to the satellite. He theorized that it was due to the leaves on the tree, and requested that I cut down a large limb.

I did that, the technician came back and still couldn’t obtain the line of sight or service.

Wildblue started charging for non-existent service (continued the normal billing), until I noticed, called and complained. They stopped charging, and the technician came back again. And again. Then his supervisor came back and checked, said couldn’t restore service.

I called the central office, and amicably terminated the account, was assured there would be no early termination fee because it was their fault, and eventually received a UPS box to send in the transmitter – which I did. The installation fee and billing for unusable service period were both non-refundable.

The next month I got charged $261.30 for an early termination fee. When I called to inquire, the rep checked the account, said the only record they had was of me requesting the termination of the account, and didn’t give them an opportunity to “fix the problem”. When I stated that this was attempted several times, and I had adult witnesses in the house during those visits, she escalated to “corporate”, which declined to waive the early termination fee. When I asked for a supervisor, she referred to the same incomplete records, and said she couldn’t do anything unless I gave her the exact name of the installed technician

In the end, the technician himself recommended that I try Hughes Satellite instead of Wildblue…

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2640 days ago

I can not believe that a company that stsrted satellite communications is as disorganized as this one. Very poor service and slow speeds WITH the premium package. If I owned stock in this company I would recommend selling it today.

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2683 days ago

HughesNet Satellite internet is the best option for people that live in rural areas, If you are trying to use Satellite Internet the same way you used cable back in the city you are going to run out of tokens and you are going to hate the service, You need to use it the right way. You need to budget your tokens and take advantage of the hours that they allowed you to use it without any limitation (at night) I use a download manager and never had any problems, for me is the solution to all my problems, I just can work with dial up. Hughes allows me to live where i like away from the city and work from home. I can not wait for them to upgrade to 12mbs in just a few months, then satellite internet is going to be the best hands down. One thing you need to be careful is with who you sign out, there a lot of contractors, and not all of them know how to apply all the rebates to make it cheaper you can save almost $50 month if you do it with the right dealer, just make sure you ask about all rebates and make sure they help you enroll in all of them.

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2756 days ago

I have had Wildblue Internet for almost 4 years. It started out great and has gotten progressively worse. I am getting download speeds of only .26 Mbps or less and Upload speeds of not more than .04 Mbps, many times .02. I have contacted Wildblue tech support and it has troubleshot my system and had a tech come troubleshoot my equipment; neither my system nor the equipment have any issues. The issues are with Wildblue. I have been notified that there are known issues with the sector my service is in, so why don't they fix it. I will be changing providers as soon as possible.

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2756 days ago

Slow due to transmit time and the download limit is very deceptive!

The time it takes to send and receive is lengthy (you can count out load before the data is received) VERY SLOW, even if you get the best package (worse with the value packages).
The thresholds are very deceptive. If you have the 17 Gigabyte package, you cannot exceed 70% of that amount per rolling month or they slow you down to almost nothing (they reduced me to 20kbps) that’s slower than dial-up.
The dial-up I had was better than the Wild Blue transmit time. Don’t forget if you hate the service, they will stick you with the cancellation fee: $135 for me (the service sucks and that’s why they make you sign a 2 year contract).

It was worth the $135 to get ride of the service($15 per month).

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