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Scooters, go-karts, toy cars, and rocking horses- if it can be ridden by the unlicensed driver, it can be found in this section. Review away!

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3583 days ago

These little kids ride on toys are so much fun for both the kids and the adults. Best of all they don't require batteries, recharging or fuel of any kind. They are so easy to use. All you have to do is turn the wheel to the right or the left and the plasmacar moves all on it's own. You can make turns easily and do 360s too!

Our grandson (and his dad) love love love these cars. They're a hoot!

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3588 days ago

Time to roll! The URoll is the perfect size for little racers that boasts a cantilevered seat strong enough for Dad + Mom (Trust us!). The floating form creates a dynamic toy car that lets junior cruise in style. With an incredible turning radius, it’s agile enough for small spaces and able to maneuver around tight corners. On your mark, get set, roll.

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3735 days ago

Just bought this for my grandson who turns 2 on Saint Patrick's Day. He still hasn't seen it, but I am very happy with this little scoot-a-long kids vehicle. We've been pulling him around in a very old wagon, which is the only pull or push toy left in this house since our kids are all grown up. He absolutely loves playing outside and loves moveable toys so I'm looking forward to his reaction to this one.

It's green in honor of his Saint Patrick's Day birthday. Also made of heavy steel gauge metal with a real working chrome steering wheel. I have a toy store where I sell lots of pedal cars and ride on toys so there were lots of choices for him, but I'm sure I chose the right one. It's the perfect size for a 2 year old to have his feet reach the ground and scoot-a-long to propel himself.

I gotta tell you, this little toddler car is very very durable. It may just last as long as the 26 year old wagon we've been pulling him around in. It also has lead free paint so there are no worries there.

Oh, and did I mention that this scoot-a-long ride on toy also recently won the Global Media Award for one of the best new products of the year in 2008.

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