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When someone says the title ‘Beauty and the Beast’, most everyone thinks of Disney’s version which has become a favorite classic. But when you say ‘Beauty and the Beast’, to readers like me, I ask which version? This story is one of my favorite fairy tale stories. I have found dozens of versions of this tale; many of them are good and some of them were not so good. I have found both historical and contemporary versions, some with magic and some without. The stories with magic have the man turned into a lion, a wolf, a werewolf, or a beast of some kind. The stories without magic have him with scars, burns, or at the very least a ‘beastly’ attitude.
I ran across an author who made a comment about why she thinks so many females love this story, and I totally agree with her.
“It’s the ‘Beauty and the Beast Principle’, as I like to call it-the idea that the gorgeous, brooding, troubled bad boy will fall in love with one of us so completely that his entire life alters. In loving us so desperately, the Beast transforms into Prince Charming!”~Marcia Lynn McClure

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